Most small businesses do not have time to manage all their social media pages, we have a solution

Our mission is to build a platform where people can learn and businesses can grow. A media platform where your mind is empowered and wealth creation is supported.

Social Media marketing is an effective way to build a brand and reach a target audience. Unfortunately, most small businesses do not have time to manage their social media pages.

We may build the best tools to support businesses but they are of little use if people do not have time to use them.

That's why we offer a social media management services to help people and businesses manage their pages on the best Social Media sites: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and of course, Boostlane.

Social Media Services Pricing

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1 Network
  • Posts per month
  • Custom images
  • person-hours allocated
    30 hours
2 Networks
  • Posts per month
  • Custom images
  • person-hours allocated
    60 hours
3 Networks
  • Posts per month
  • Custom images
  • person-hours allocated
    90 hours
More value for your money! We offer our own network as a bonus. All media published on other sites can be shared for you on Boostlane at no extra cost

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