Looking for information is time consuming. We look only for what we know. We want to save time when we explore topics and we look for something new. We want to explore many media types


Boostlane is a virtual library. A better way to explore topics and discover new ideas. Boostlane uses AI to collect and organize information about your favorite topics, even when you sleep

Market validation 1

  1. Digital Media consumption is growing fast.
  2. The pandemic has amplified the growth in digital media consumption
  3. Global advertising spending has been constantly increasing

Market validation 2

In the past 10 years, many digital media platforms have experienced huge success with innovative approaches in content delivery:, and to name a few


  1. A virtual library with curated lists of media updated every minute.
  2. A personalized newsletter.
  3. Premium content.
  4. Communication and information sharing.

Business Model

  1. Premium content and downloads (pay per view and subscriptions)
  2. Advertisements

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  1. Boostlane is a virtual library powered by smart machines and people who love learning
  2. Boostlane Helps you Discover and Organize Information about the Things You Like
  3. Add digital content to Your Personal Library
  4. Found out about deals and offers from your favorite businesses
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